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Advisor PACT™ Monthly

by Jay Wertzler —

Interested in providing Truly Comprehensive Financial Services™ but don't know where to start?

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You've come to the right place. Welcome to Advisor PACT™ Monthly, a series of webinars and virtual lessons designed to help you progress on your journey towards becoming a Trusted Advisor. Each month, Mark McKenna Little will lead you through a new facet of Truly Comprehensive Financial Services, from identifying what clients you serve best to delivering on the promise of getting their financial house in order and keeping it that way, forever.

As founder and CEO of the Trusted Advisor Toolkit™, Mark brings a unique perspective to the fundamental concepts of Truly Comprehensive Financial Services. He'll teach you the core values that will make you stand out from all other advisors in your community, and how to implement those principles. By learning to provide the four things clients want most, but can't get at any price—protection, attention, coordination and transparency—you'll soon find your clients can't help but refer you to everyone they know.

Program Details

Advisor PACT Monthly™ is still a developing program, so quantity of content may shift from month to month. During this early access period, you will be invited to at least one Monthly Session™ held live every 30 days. The Monthly Session™ will allow you direct consulting time with Mark McKenna Little or a member of his senior staff. Submit questions in advance to be addressed live during the session. 

You'll also begin receiving The Monthly Lesson™ that consists of a module taken directly from the Trusted Advisor Toolkit™ that you can implement right away. This is the same content that our team creates for Toolkit users, and you'll receive access to select materials on a temporary basis (but with plenty of time to get up and running).

How to Join

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If ever you wish to quit the program, provide us notice at at least 2 business days prior to your next scheduled payment to avoid being charged again. We will not issue any refunds. Upon cancellation the System Member's access will be revoked and the credit card on-file will not be charged the next regularly scheduled monthly charge.